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We specialize in Online stores, custom development solutions,  Pages websites, personnel and business websites.

Yep. We’ve also been asked that question too. We spend a lot of time researching, planning the user’s journey through your site and then finally with the design and build. We’re typically cheaper than larger agencies because…

  1. We work remotely which means you don’t pay for the water cooler or beanbag chairs
  2. We’re a small team who take on a limited amount of clients each month. You won’t be talking to account managers, you’ll talk directly to the owner, a.k.a Yasmin. This saves on staff costs.

It really depends on what type of website you want. We’ll be able to discuss this on our discovery call before we start working together. Depending on which package we agree on we could need…

  • Images of you and your team
  • Images of your workplace
  • Content for the website e.g. text, PDFs etc
  • Staff Profiles
  • Any Videos or Images you would like adding to the website

Some of this might already be on the existing website, in which case it can be transferred over to the new site.

Yes. Your website will be fully responsive and will look great on all devices. We don’t charge extra for this. It comes as standard.

It depends which package you choose. SEO is usually an ongoing commitment and will require continuous work. However, we do offer a package that will start you off on the right foot.

Most of our clients are not based in Durban. Although our HQ is, we serve clients and business owners all over South Africa and we also have many international customers including Dubai, India and even Australia.

The type of business we run means we can work with any business anywhere in the world.

Before we begin working together, we’ll usually have an initially chat on the phone or via Whats App to discuss the project. Once we get started, most of the communication will take place over Whats App or email.

This makes the process a lot easier as we’ll have all of the information saved and can come back to it later.

Yes, we can arrange a maintenance package to suit your needs. This can range from 1hr per month to 10 hours per month and we can discuss a package that’s right for you.

Yes, once site design is approved by the client and final and full payment received for development, we will create the required login for the client to access his/her WordPress site.

Yes. We like to offer the ability for our clients to update the website themselves. We provide training and tools to be able to make website amendments. We use WordPress so you can add edit and delete content without paying us to do it for you.

Yes. Hosting is like renting space on the internet. You’ll need to host your website otherwise people won’t be able to access your website.

If we build your website, we will usually host it for you and you don’t need to do anything. We pay the hosting fee for the first year and we’ll send you an invoice once a year thereafter. Alternatively, you can host the website elsewhere and manage it yourself. It’s completely up to you.

You will own the domain. We will register the domain in your name and address and it belongs to you. This means you have ultimate control over it.

Typically not. Social media is not a part of the web design process. However, we are always looking for ways to make your life easier. If you’d like us to do this for you, we can arrange a package that suits you.

Yes. We can use Joomla on clients request if needed.

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